Tuesday, July 01, 2008

No epiphanies yet, just a whole lot of free time

Hey love- what a crazy crazy period we are going through, huh?

I've been missing you. But not "New York-Israel" missing you. I just miss you. Or us, or myself, or probably all of the above. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I am actually kind of happy that we have these days apart. I guess we both needed them.

I haven't arrived to any revealing conclusions and certainly did not find any answers. I have been raising a lot of questions to myself, though. Sometimes that is all that is needed, sometimes the answer is just the question itself.

I am looking forward to sharing these thoughts with you. And to hear what's going on in that lovely head of yours. I believe we will learn something from this. Something has to change. Something is already changing. I try not to fear change: I never have. But here we are, sort of lost, and it does make me feel a bit uneasy at times.

On a more domestic note: we got the Time Warner bill. I'll just pay it online.

Oh, and it is strange to sleep without you.